Sell Your Home - Guaranteed!

Sell Your Home - Guaranteed!

Get Your Dream Home Today- because your present home WILL BE SOLD IN 90 DAYS – Guaranteed!*
*Some Restrictions Apply.

MOVING UP, DOWNSIZING, BUILDING A NEW HOME but need to sell your current home? You can negotiate the best price on your next home because you won’t need to worry about selling your current home!

Save Money and Relieve Stress

Save Money #1 – Bargaining Power 
If you have found a home that you want to buy, but currently own a home that you need to sell first – what do you do? If you make an offer on the new home with the contingency of selling your current home – what will the seller do? The seller most likely will not be as willing to negotiate on price. If the seller has to wait for you to sell your home, he or she will want to be compensated for waiting and taking their home off the market. With a 90 Day Guaranteed Sale you and the seller can be confident that you will close in a specified amount of time.

Save Money #2 – Selling Your Existing Home 
Let’s say that you have negotiated a price on your next home and now the pressure is on to sell your existing home – because you need the funds for your new home. The seller, Realtors and the Mortgage company needs you to close on time, so what do you do? You may drastically lower the price your existing home to help it sell faster – costing you money and creating uneeded stress. With The Guaranteed Sale, you know your home will sell in 90 days for the agreed upon price – you know how much money you will make and best of all – no stress.

Relieve Stress – The Guaranteed Sale BEFORE You End Up With Two Homes
You feel that you have the financial resources to buy your next home and leave your existing home vacant while you try to sell it – But HOW LONG can you own and maintain two homes? HOW LONG do you want to? The financial and mental burden may become overwhelming, so what’s your next step – lower the price on your old home to stimulate interest? How much will you have to lower the price, how long will it take – will the next buyer have to sell their current home as well? You may end up selling at a much lower price than you wanted, just to free yourself from the expenses. Entering into The 90 DAY Guaranteed Sale Program BEFORE this happens is an attractive alternative to the stress and the potential financial loss of being a two home family. Your home will be sold in 90 days – guaranteed.

What The Guaranteed Sale Does For You

We don’t want to buy your home – we want to sell it. With our program you are guaranteed the sale of your home in 90 days for a predetermined price. And, here’s the best part – if your home sells for more than the predetermined price in that 90 days, you get the difference, not us. We offer this program to help you move from one home to another, with the least amount of hassle and stress. Of course your home must meet certain criteria, condition, location and price – Call The Gary and Nikki Team today (727) 787-6995 x229 or fill out the from below to see if your home qualifies for this program.

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