In the Spring of 2004, my neighbor who lived in the bungalow right next to me listed it with a local Dunedin real estate broker. My neighbor had just been told that he had a terminal illness and was determined to put his affairs in order swiftly. The morning after listing, a handful of vehicles stopped by to check out the property; real estate sales people. Over the course of the 60 day listing, there was very little activity. My neighbor, who was the builder of the development was disappointed and signed with another broker. Sadly, same scenario again. Few sales people checked it out the first morning after being given the listing, and almost no activity over the next 60 days. After 4 months on the market and little to show for it, my neighbor's health had deteriorated noticeably and he was perplexed because he was running out of time. He turned to a broker based in Palm Harbor and the very next morning there was a "commotion" outside in our normally quiet and still cul de sac. Vehicles came and went for the entire day; not only sales people, but interested buyers as well. My neighbor's house sold within a week or so and he was as elated as he could be under his circumstances. 

Well, I wrote down and filed for future use the name of the realtor which brought in the traffic instantly and succeeded in finding a buyer in one week, whom two other brokers failed to find over sixteen weeks.  

Sadly, my neighbor passed shortly thereafter but he had held his ground long enough to achieve his objective of selling his house. One of his missions had been accomplished.

Fourteen years later, I too had to sell our house in a hurry and I went to my file which I knew I would inevitably turn to when that day came. Without hesitation I punched in the phone number of The Gary and Nikki Team, Palm Harbor. We were on the market immediately, with traffic coming through from day one; the property a beehive of activity. First offer was acquired inside a week, and, halfway through the second week on the market, an offer was accepted for FULL asking price.

Thank you Gary and Nikki Team. Mission accomplished then (2004), and now in 2018!

Richard P.